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01.02.2021 – 30.02.2021

Our individual hygienic concept is continually adapted and implemented to the current offical regulations.

We are currently by phone or email.

All exhibits are described in our online offers / Private sale.

For further informations please contact us.

The orderd artworks can be handed out in the gallery or be delivered after appointment.

Since 1996 the Gallery Jutta Kabuth focuses on Contemporary International Fine Art by selected international artists.

My wideworld network on the International Art Market of related auction houses, art experts and collectors allows me to efficiently find and/or sell Fine Art from the 19 & 20th Century to Contemporary International Fine Art.

In Additon to the Gallery the Fine Art Consulting was founded in the year 1997. I advise and support you in all matters related to the administration and management of art collections. As an independent partner, I offer assistance in the management, documentation and lending as well as the purchase and sale of works of art. As a Fine Art Consultant I advise, acquire and place works for and on behalf of clients either for investment purposes, private and corporate collections.

As an Certified Art Expert I advise companies, insurance companies, financial institutions and private collectors. I am your independent contact in matters of authenticity, in the determination of damages, for valuations and appraisals.

Jutta Kabuth
Art Historian M.A.

Artists of the gallery

Armin Baumgarten

Benjamin Nachtwey

Björn Borgmann

Chiemi Nakagawa

Christina Puth

Clemens Weiss

Dorothea Gelker

Erika Riemer-Sartory

Frank Paul

Heribert Reismann (Nachlaß)

Jolanda van Gennip

Ke Li

Knut Wolfgang Maron

Exhibited artists

Alexandra Medilanski

Anna Fiegen

Barbara Koch

Barbara Ring

Bernd Lokai

Brigitte Wiegmann

Christiane B. Bethke

Claudia Tebben

Dirk Pleyer

Fritz Duda

Gabriele Wilpers

Heike Walter

Hermann J. Kassel

Iledfons Höyng

Jacqueline Heß

Johanna Müller

Julia Gerber

Julia Sossinka

Katrin Amft

Lou Favorite

Marc Grümmert

Maria Lehnen

Michael Grossmann

Michael Ilger

Min Clara Kim

Nadja Nafe

Patrice Jacopit

Prof. Hermann-Josef Kuhna

Prof. Margareta Hesse

Prof. Siegfried Cremer

Prof. Udo Scheel

Rolf Glasmeier (Nachlaß)

Thomas P. Proffe

Toon Laurense

My Fine Art Consulting was founded in 1997 and offers excellent access to art.

The ability to combine Fine Art expertise and corporate knowledge enables me to create strategic Art solutions for any Corporation looking to improve their working environment and Art collection.

I specialize in Fine Art Asset Development, Marketing and Business Management of Modern Masters to Contemporary Fine Art, including project management of financial transactions (sales, acquisitions, investment guidance), valuation assessments, marketplace analyses, executive summaries, the authentication process, the appraisal process, provenance development, condition reports, conservation, historical research, insurance, security, handling and transport.

From inception to final execution I manage all facets of  your project.


  • Advisory for acquisitions
  • Curated exhibitions
  • Architecture-related installations
  • Design and implementation of corporate collections
  • Press Releases
  • Cultural programs for employees and customers


  • Vodafone, Düsseldorf
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Mittelstandsberatung, Düsseldorf
  • EEC Consulting, Düsseldorf
  • Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Nordrhein, Düsseldorf
  • Sparkasse Gelsenkirchen
  • Volksbank Ruhr-Mitte
  • Rexam, Gelsenkirchen
  • Amevida
  • Siebtechnik GmbH

I am a competent partner for insurance companies,  financial institutions and private collectors in questions of:

  • Authenticity issues
  • Artists Research
  • Identification and clarification of illegible, damaged or painted over signatures and annotations.
  • Identification and assessment of damages
  • Identification and analysis of reasons for damage.
  • Determination, Estimation of restoration costs
  • Valuation and the reduction in case of damaged art works
  • Profounded appraisals
  • Assessment, appraisails and valuation of european paintings since 1945

Please feel free to contact me for more information and a valuation of your work. I look forward to assisting you.

Are you interested in Fine Art and looking for a new direction for your company? Original paintings and sculptures give it a unique expression.

My art rental enables you to decorate your office or your company with works of contemporary artists at a reasonable price. For 80,- Euro net per month and per work the rental costs are fixed for companies in the Ruhr area. Transport and installation are thus included. You can claim the rental costs as monthly operating costs for tax purposes. After each monthly art rental, you have the option of extending the rental period, exchanging the work or buying the work already rented. In this case, the rental costs paid reduce the selling price.

Try before buy.

I am happy to help you with any Fine Art questions and will be happy to provide you with further information.

Jutta Kabuth

Established in 1996 the Gallery Jutta Kabuth presents contemporary and international Fine Art such as paintings, sculptures, objects, photography, graphic works and installations. The variety of works and artists spans from figurative to abstract compositions and conceptual Fine Art of lasting value.

In addition to the Gallery the Fine Art Consulting was founded in 1997. The ability to combine Fine Art expertise and corporate knowledge enables me to create strategic Art solutions for any Corporation looking to improve their working environment and or Art collection.

This includes art works for building lobbies, office reception areas, office interiors, outdoor public spaces and common areas of residential buildings.

According to your project and space requirements I can help your company to build a dynamic art collection.

My Fine Art Consulting guides you through every step of the art acquisition process.

Galerie Jutta Kabuth
Wanner Straße 4
45879 Gelsenkirchen

Tel.: +49 209 1487461
Fax: +49 209 1487462

By arrangement

Information about my work as an art expert for European paintings after 1945 can be found on my homepage

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